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A Message from Bill Bath, President of Corble Builders:

A home is the largest investment that most people will ever make in their lifetime and all of us at Corble Builders understand the importance of this investment. I believe that the building process should be an enjoyable one, and in the end, when the project is finished, everyone should be proud to have their name associated with it. Corble Builders offers a tremendous amount of talent, experience, and pride in a job well done. This attitude is shared equally by my own employees as well as the employees of my subcontractors, whom I choose very carefully and with the intention of having a long term working relationship. I work very closely with everyone involved to make sure Corble Builders’ projects stay on time and on budget. In the event that a situation arises, I ensure that it is resolved swiftly and efficiently by communicating directly with the customer, subcontractors, and other professionals such as building inspectors and architects. Each project receives my complete attention, and I coordinate and review all the work performed by our subcontractors.

Regardless of whom you choose for your next building project, keep in mind that there are several key components when looking for a contractor. First and most importantly, your contractor should be licensed and insured in the state of Michigan. A list of references should also be provided. It is essential that potential customers be able to ask previous customers questions about the building process, the finished product, and the timeline of their job. Every project should have a written contract, no matter how small the job. Contracts protect the buyer and the builder. They should include not only the price but the start and end date of the job. The contract will also include a payment schedule, and how any change orders are to be handled in case the homeowner changes his or her mind during the building process. It should also include a specification sheet. This will specify sizes and types of materials that are going to be used and brand names of such items as windows and doors. It is important that, when looking at multiple builders, you are comparing not only the price, but the specifications and the materials of the job. It is important to be comparing apples to apples. The bottom line is that your builder should be dependable, qualified, and someone who, when the job is done, you can, with confidence, say you would hire again.

All of us at Corble Builders want our customers to feel that they have chosen the best builder for the job, and to feel confident that their builder will complete the job in the time they expect.