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Corble Builders’ main focus is on custom-built homes.

Our team of master builders has the ability to build anything and the years of experience necessary to do it properly. The word artisan gets used a lot these days but it accurately applies to Corble Builders. The projects taken on by our team are done by hand and with great attention to detail, structural requirements, and the aesthetic principles of design associated with the particular architectural style. Simply put, we build things right, very well, and with an artistic touch.

We understand also that, while we may be at a build site for a time measured in months, the owner’s family will be there for a lifetime, or for generations even. This is why one of the most important investments than anyone will ever make is in their home. Corble Builders honors that investment by ensuring that everything meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations. When you are having a new home built or a major renovation done, it should be a very positive experience and even fun. Corble Builders enjoys sharing in that by working with the owner at every stage in the building process to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that there are no surprises.

New Construction

New construction projects.

[img src=]11590A first
This is Corble Builders' first home, and we are as proud to show it today as when we first completed its construction more than a decade ago. Every aspect of this home was custom built to fit the homeowner's wishes and budget.
[img src=]4100It's the little things that count
Paying attention to the little details and discussing them with the home owner is incredibly important. In this case, you can see that we split the deck on the back of the house to ensure that the lower level gets enough natural light during the day and cleared the lot in such a way as to ensure ample sunshine and shade in the back yard over the course of the day.
[img src=]3820A house becomes a home
An empty shell with four walls and a roof is not a finished home. In this case, the use of materials that are reminiscent of the local geography and custom-built shelving incorporated into the home's design serve to dramatically increase both the available space and beauty of the interior. At the same time, such accents are important in giving a home its character and soul.
[img src=]3240Setting the right tone creates the music
Elements such as open staircases, glass-paneled french doors, a side-lighted main door, and polished wood flooring all contribute to a bright, open atmosphere that immediately invites guests into the home. We love working with homeowners and architects to create exactly the right look and feel.
[img src=]3500Many a mid summer night's dream
Creating beautiful outdoor spaces can contribute greatly to the atmosphere of a home and can significantly increase the space used for living and hosting events. It's unfortunate for Northern Michigan, but more often than not, such spaces appear to be maintained for the purpose of justifying a big lawnmower. The focal point of this outdoor garden space is a red cedar pergola with an eight by three foot marble table imported from Italy. Once completed, natural weathering, climbing plants, and the large planter boxes will quickly transform this garden into an intimate and secluded bosk.
[img src=]3470Upward mobility
Corble Builders constructed this beautiful staircase at The Shores condominiums located on Crooked Lake. The design is a blend of the bright color palettes and clean lines of modernist architecture with traditional design elements and natural wood grains in a darker color scheme to provide contrast.
[img src=]2940A spark of imagination
This fireplace and mantel were also constructed at the Shores condominiums on Crooked Lake. The emphasis here is again on a design that employs traditional, natural materials in a clean, modern design to fit within the overarching theme of a condominium lifestyle.
[img src=]2760A room with a view
Having a lake house can offer incredible views. The interior layout of a home should take every advantage of this. In fact, every home should be built to provide the best possible views and greatest use of natural light.
[img src=]2640Lofty ambitions
Lofts are very popular with many people and with good reason. They open up interior spaces and add a more vertical element to the home. While some might criticize a loft as an inefficient use of space, this is simply not true. The space is being used. It better connects the upper and lower floors and greatly improves the view from multistory windows.