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Corble Builders is committed to bringing your visions to life.

Northern Michigan is a very special place. With its four distinct and beautiful seasons, ample opportunities and resources for outdoor activities, and abundant cultural offerings, Michigan’s northern lower peninsula is a hidden gem in the Midwestern region. Within Michigan, it is a well-known vacation and retirement destination and widely considered to be an absolutely ideal area in which to raise a family.  As such, development in the area has been constant and carefully managed going back to the mid 19th century. The result of this is a region dotted with wonderful little communities that maintain their small-town appeal while offering modern amenities and infrastructure along with continued opportunities for growth.

The communities in the area also offer a great variety of architectural types and price ranges as well. There are multimillion dollar luxury estates designed by renown architects, elegant 19th century Victorian homes, and post-modern houses dedicated to efficiency and green living. For a contracting company specialized in custom building, the area is a dream come true. The unique opportunities to work on highly diverse projects and with incredibly imaginative customers offers tremendous rewards.

Recognizing this great potential, Bill Bath founded Corble Builders in 2002 on the belief that the home in which you live is the most important space in your life. As such, it should reflect who you are and be a place where you feel… at home. It needs to be very well built, reflect exactly what you envision, and fit your budget. Above all, Corble Builders works very closely with the homeowner to ensure that all of these criteria are fulfilled.

As a full-service contractor, Corble Builders provides new construction, renovation, remodeling and home repair services. Regardless of the size of the job, Corble Builders is dedicated to serving the region’s building needs.