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At Corble Builders, we understand that remodeling projects can be challenging. We work with the homeowner’s schedule and needs, as we are changing the home in which they are currently living. The remodeling process is not always as cut and dry as new construction, since building practices have changed over the years and what was acceptable 50 years ago may not be today. We work very closely with our homeowners, suppliers, and inspectors to make sure that, if we run into situations, they are resolved quickly and efficiently, and with the homeowner’s best interests in mind.


Renovation projects.

Custom Kitchens

Custom kitchen renovations

Profiled below is a major restoration project that turned an old, run-down Italianate house into an historical gem. The project involved completely gutting the interior and, in numerous cases, rebuilding portions of the home after it was determined that previous remodeling and repair efforts done over the years had been performed incorrectly, resulting in compromises to the structural integrity of the building.


Transforming an old, run-down Italianate house into an historical gem.