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The Team

An introduction to some of the people who would like to bring your visions to life.

Bill Bath
Originally from Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, Bill obtained his degree in construction management from Northern Michigan University in 1994; however, his interest in design and construction goes back much further. While the other kids in shop class were putting together napkin holders, Bill was already designing and building entire living room furniture sets. In only his first months at NMU, Bill was permitted to skip an entire year by just writing the final exams for his courses in building construction. In 1994, Bill and his wife Laura settled in her home town of Petoskey , the perfect area to raise their three children. In 2002, Bill founded Corble Builders as a small company dedicated to building and remodeling the homes of northern Michigan.

The Crew
The people who make up the Corble Builders team are more than just employees. Corble Builders does not use construction laborers or carpenters that merely move from one company to another looking for seasonal work or a better deal. Every team member is a permanent employee and a dedicated professional intent on perfecting his or her craft. Because of this shared commitment, everyone understands the company’s philosophy and knows that they are a crucial part of the team.¬†As a¬†result, everyone tends to be very close and enjoys time together outside of work. This contributes greatly to Corble Builders’ involvement in the community as well. For example, Corble Builders regularly participates in charity races and sponsors various local events. In 2011, the Corble Builders team even qualified for nationals in snowshoe racing and then went on to take the mixed gold medal in the relay race.