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New Construction

New construction projects.

[img src=]11590A first
This is Corble Builders' first home, and we are as proud to show it today as when we first completed its construction more than a decade ago. Every aspect of this home was custom built to fit the homeowner's wishes and budget.
[img src=]4100It's the little things that count
Paying attention to the little details and discussing them with the home owner is incredibly important. In this case, you can see that we split the deck on the back of the house to ensure that the lower level gets enough natural light during the day and cleared the lot in such a way as to ensure ample sunshine and shade in the back yard over the course of the day.
[img src=]3820A house becomes a home
An empty shell with four walls and a roof is not a finished home. In this case, the use of materials that are reminiscent of the local geography and custom-built shelving incorporated into the home's design serve to dramatically increase both the available space and beauty of the interior. At the same time, such accents are important in giving a home its character and soul.
[img src=]3240Setting the right tone creates the music
Elements such as open staircases, glass-paneled french doors, a side-lighted main door, and polished wood flooring all contribute to a bright, open atmosphere that immediately invites guests into the home. We love working with homeowners and architects to create exactly the right look and feel.
[img src=]3500Many a mid summer night's dream
Creating beautiful outdoor spaces can contribute greatly to the atmosphere of a home and can significantly increase the space used for living and hosting events. It's unfortunate for Northern Michigan, but more often than not, such spaces appear to be maintained for the purpose of justifying a big lawnmower. The focal point of this outdoor garden space is a red cedar pergola with an eight by three foot marble table imported from Italy. Once completed, natural weathering, climbing plants, and the large planter boxes will quickly transform this garden into an intimate and secluded bosk.
[img src=]3470Upward mobility
Corble Builders constructed this beautiful staircase at The Shores condominiums located on Crooked Lake. The design is a blend of the bright color palettes and clean lines of modernist architecture with traditional design elements and natural wood grains in a darker color scheme to provide contrast.
[img src=]2940A spark of imagination
This fireplace and mantel were also constructed at the Shores condominiums on Crooked Lake. The emphasis here is again on a design that employs traditional, natural materials in a clean, modern design to fit within the overarching theme of a condominium lifestyle.
[img src=]2760A room with a view
Having a lake house can offer incredible views. The interior layout of a home should take every advantage of this. In fact, every home should be built to provide the best possible views and greatest use of natural light.
[img src=]2640Lofty ambitions
Lofts are very popular with many people and with good reason. They open up interior spaces and add a more vertical element to the home. While some might criticize a loft as an inefficient use of space, this is simply not true. The space is being used. It better connects the upper and lower floors and greatly improves the view from multistory windows.


Renovation projects.

[img src=]10920The leaky lake house
This project involved extending the addition on the side of the house, building a new deck, and constructing an entirely new roof for the existing building. Michigan frequently sees very heavy snow fall and a flat roof on a residential building is a poor choice in this geographic region. A new roof with a greater pitch also provides attic space and better insulation qualities, which lower energy costs.
[img src=]5370Flat out wrong
Flat roofs can offer some advantages in terms of being somewhat cheaper and easier to build and maintain, but they must be carefully maintained to avoid leaking. This can be expensive in areas with high levels of rain or snow. So, there is a reason you generally don't see them in Michigan.
[img src=]5980Better overhead
If it were not for the facade on this home, it would be difficult to recognize it as being the same structure as in the previous photos. The new, gabled roof on this home greatly improves energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and the look of the home.
[img src=]3200Born in a barn.
The load bearing beam in this vaulted bedroom ceiling was once a support beam in the barn that belonged to this homeowner's great grandfather. The opportunity to work with such materials is always exciting because you can transform a space into something very special and with substantial personal meaning. And isn't that what a home is for? Corble Builders used some of the remaining wood to build candle holders for a wedding in the customer's family.
[img src=]4100Unfinished
This is the basement of the one of the homes in Bay Harbor, Michigan. While these homes are noted for being quite nice and correspondingly expensive, the basements can frequently look pretty barren. What to do with such a basement is often left up to the homeowner.
[img src=]3840Nearly finished
For Corble Builders, an unfinished basement is like an artists blank canvas. It's an opportunity to add tremendously to home. Whether the homeowner is interested in an additional family room, a game room, a mini movie theater, etc. The possibilities are nearly limitless. In this case, the homeowner wanted a greatly expanded living room. The numerous doors lead to closets, a bathroom, and various utility rooms.
[img src=]3190And done
What was once a barren basement destined to become a giant junk room, has been turned into a immaculate living space that invites family and friends to socialize and leaves open space to play, work out, or just relax.
[img src=]3530A Michigan basement
This is commonly what one sees in a typical Michigan basement; rough concrete walls, bare ceilings, and sometimes even a dirt floor. Even this can be transformed. Also, if there is some particularly nice wood or other elements that are special, they can be incorporated into the new design.
[img src=]3550Saving beautiful wood
In this Michigan basement, the floor joists for the floor above were made from beautifully hand hewn timbers and it would have been a shame to cover up such work. Instead, they were polished and made part of the new ceiling design for the finished basement.
[img src=]3070Real vision
Sometimes it can take a very imaginative person to see the potential in a room or an old house. However, a complete transformation is not only possible, but it is often a pleasant surprise for customers when they see that it can also be done on a budget.
[img src=]2860Worth a thousand words
A Michigan basement has been completely transformed. In this case, a picture says it all.

Custom Kitchens

Custom kitchen renovations

[img src=]910Cooking like the pros
Of particular note here are the beautiful custom cabinets and the stonework back splash behind the stove top. The large ventilation area above the professional quality six-burner stove top, the side cupboards for spices and other cooking essentials, and the granite counter tops make this an ideal space for the professional chef or anyone who wants to cook like one.
[img src=]710When in Rome...
The long, narrow forms in this kitchen are the ideal accent to this Italianate home. Designed to match the overall architectural style, the custom-built breakfast nook, also invites this small kitchen to become a social center of home while also serving to increase working space in the kitchen.
[img src=]830Just a touch of color
This custom kitchen offers a highly efficient layout, and the choice of a white color palette provides the ideal background to allow even the smallest accents to add a tremendous splash of color to the room.
[img src=]680In the woods
What really sets this kitchen apart is the tongue and groove wood paneling and the custom cabinetry built to match, which gives the entire kitchen a very warm atmosphere. After all, home is really where the hearth is.
[img src=]650A contrasting design
Unity of design is often achieved through contrasts. Here, the cherry cabinets appear very bright when offset with a black granite counter top and matching tile back splash. The stainless steel appliances really pop in this setting, and with attention to detail so important, even the light switch covers were installed to match.
[img src=]670Wining and dining
On the other side of the kitchen is a small bar sink with a built-in overhead wine rack. This increases the available working space in the kitchen and the custom tile work and beautiful woodwork add to the luxuriousness. Bacchus himself would find it a pleasure to host an evening using such a kitchen.
[img src=]560Good things in small packages
Just because a kitchen is small doesn't mean that it can't be beautiful and, more importantly, efficient. In fact, efficiency is an even greater concern in a smaller kitchen. That is why Corble Builders routinely works with award winning kitchen designers to ensure that every aspect of design is taken into consideration when creating a custom-built kitchen.
[img src=]570In your corner
When building a new home, and often in larger renovation projects, there is a tremendous amount of freedom in designing a kitchen layout. This is not just important for an efficient layout. It also allows the homeowner to consider things like views, natural lighting, air flow, and the ability to socialize while cooking.
[img src=]570It's not about U anymore
A common design in kitchens is often the U-shaped kitchen with one side of the U acting as a peninsula. However, this design has fallen out of favor in most modern homes. By using an island instead, There is more room for people to gather, socialize, and work together in the kitchen. Also, a better flow through the room is created, and its avoids using inefficient corner cabinets and allows for more drawer space.


Transforming an old, run-down Italianate house into an historical gem.

[img src=]8870A taste of Italy
The Italianate house located in downtown Petoskey was built in approximately 1875. After the new owner purchased the home, it was quickly determined that house was badly in need of major repairs. In the end, about the only thing that remained standing were the four exterior walls, and even large parts of those were replaced.
[img src=]2280Family room before
In this before picture of the living room you can see that the floors and walls are very worn. The heating system in the home is ancient, and everything is in a general state of disrepair.
[img src=]2160Family room after
Although the staircase to the left is not visible, it has been extended by adding a landing. This made room for a bathroom below the stairs. The new hardwood floors are of a much higher quality the ceilings have been redone, and decorative elements and crown molding were added as well.
[img src=]1780Kitchen before
Most notably, the wall behind the sink had been altered on numerous occasions and it no longer had any studs that ran entirely from floor to ceiling. The result was that the wall had started to bow outwards under the weight of the upper floor.
[img src=]1780Kitchen after
Not only has the wall behind the sink been rebuilt, but the entire kitchen has been dramatically updated and improved. There are now custom-built shelves and cabinets (visible on the right), granite counter tops, new flooring, a new ceiling, and a new closet next to the back door.
[img src=]1550Kitchen 2 before
Here, one can see the comparatively poor layout of the kitchen set up all along a single wall.
[img src=]1400Kitchen 2 after
By repositioning the stove, the layout became much more efficient, and there was then room to build the closet next to the back door. Also, by closing off the kitchen, it returns the home to its original design and gives the family room a far more formal aesthetic.
[img src=]2960Staircase before
Once these stairs were touched by a builder, they had to be completely redesigned in order to meet modern building codes. The changes were significant and the results equally dramatic.
[img src=]3150Staircase after
To meet code, the new staircase was not allowed to be as steep as the old one. To reduce the angle and still leave room for the front door to the house, which is just off to the right, a landing was added. In addition, the doorway that was as the base of the stairs was closed off as part of redesigning the home's floor plan. The changes also permitted a half bath to be built under the staircase where there was once just a small closet.
[img src=]2860Upper floor before
Nothing goes so well with a pink runner down the stairs as lime green shag carpeting. The seventies were certainly interesting times.
[img src=]2920Upper floor after
The entire home now has hardwood flooring. Also, the quality of every aspect of the interior has been improved. For instance, even the stair railings are of a much more elaborate design.
[img src=]1580Bedrooms before
The bedrooms throughout the home had to be completely torn out. Many of the walls were not plum, the floors were not level and doors could not be opened or closed all the way.
[img src=]1450Bedrooms after
In remodeling the bedrooms, elegance became the watchword. This is plainly visible in the master bedroom with its adjacent sitting/dressing room through the french doors.
[img src=]1430Bathrooms before
This is certainly a room of limited appeal.
[img src=]1430Bathrooms after
Custom tile work, large basin type bathtubs with built-showers, and beautiful new fixtures have turned the bathrooms into elegant examples of what one might find at the turn of the 20th century. The pedestal sink is again representative of the elongated forms present in Italianate design and found throughout the home.