New Construction Homes & Buildings

At Corble Builders we understand that, while we may be at a build site for a time measured in months, the owner’s family will be there for a lifetime, or for generations even. This is why one of the most important investments than anyone will ever make is in their home. Corble Builders, in Petoskey, Michigan honors that investment by ensuring that everything meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations. When you are having a new home built or a major renovation done, it should be a very positive experience and even fun.

Why Hire a Master Builder?

Creating a new construction custom home is a large undertaking. Corble Builders would like to help you make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Rather than employing the services of an architect and then a general contractor hiring a master builder can be a smart choice. A design and build firm integrates both services under one roof. Costs are often reduced buy hiring a master builder to build your home or other type of building and oversee the entire project.  Corble Builders enjoys working with the owner at every stage in the building process to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that there are no surprises. Please visit our Portfolio Page to see more fine examples of our building project – click here to view portfolio page.

We founded Corble Builders in 2002 on the belief that the home in which you live is the most important space in your life. As such, it should reflect who you are and be a place where you feel… at home.
Bill and Laura Bath